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The conflict in Ukraine isn’t just a catastrophe for humans – it’s also putting dogs, cats, and other animals at risk of starvation and many other perils. Right now, we have a plan to go over and help those left behind. We need your kind support.

Our sanctuary in Hungary is only 2 hours away from the Ukrainian border and we are planning to take donations into a shelter in Ukraine with human and animal aids, dog food, cat food, carriers, crates, dog leads, harnesses, blankets etc, as right now, many are in starvation and have nothing. The shelter is desperate for help and they are ready to distribute donations further into the war zone at the east side where the situation is horrific. They are sending the donations by train as, at the moment, that’s the safest way to travel. Our courageous founder Hilda has flown to Hungary to assist in the humanitarian effort in the attack on Hungary’s neighbouring country of Ukraine.

If you’ve been sat at home thinking ‘WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE?’, now is your chance.

Hilda has a four point plan to provide assistance to the people and animals both fleeing Ukraine and to help those still caught in the war zone. We are looking for donations to enable us to provide help wherever we go!

Our Mission Statement

  1. To travel into Ukraine to our sponsored shelter to provide animal aid.
  2. To provide animal and human aid to send via train into the war zone on the east side of Ukraine
  3. To bring animals from Ukraine to our shelter in Debrecen, Hungary for rehoming in the U.K.
  4. To work at the border of Hungary/Ukraine providing humanitarian aid.


The name of the shelter we are supporting: Кожен має другий шанс in Ukrainian, ‘Everyone Has a Second Chance’ is Located in Ungvar, Ukraine

This shelter in Ukraine currently has 122 dogs and 186 cats. They are staying to keep their animals safe and we have decided to try to support them as much as we can. We will be bringing back some of their cats and dogs to see how we get on with border control. If successful, we are hoping to help move their animals to safety when the time comes.


We need to buy animal food, medicines and carriers for transporting the animals. We need blankets, leads, collars, harnesses and most importantly food and need your financial support to help provide it! Your wonderful donations will be mostly spent on dog and cat food. The most desperate need is food.

You could also help with buying carriers:

A £20 donation will buy an extra small carrier for a cat
A £30 donation will buy a small carrier for a smaller dog
A £40 donation will buy a medium carrier for a medium sized dog or perhaps two small dogs
A £50 donation will buy a large carrier for a large dog or multiple cats

Every penny donated will be used to buy specific items (mostly food) for the many in need



We already have lots of your amazing donations to take to Hungary on the Happy Bus, but if you would like to donate funds please use the following.

PayPal: ref: Ukraine appeal.

Or donate through this link and please gift aid your donation if you are a UK taxpayer.…/fa463556

Thank you so much for all your support. Together we can make a huge difference in this World. God bless you all.