Foster a dog

Foster a Dog

We sometimes need Foster Volunteers to provide temporary homes with a variety of unique care needs, including: those who are too young for adoption, are recovering from illness or injury, need some one-on-one attention, or just a chance to be out and Get a chance for easier adoption.

So many animals are waiting at the city pound, uncertain of their fates. Become a foster and help us save more lives.


  • pay for all medical bills
  • gives guidance for adoptions
  • matches potential adoptive families with your foster pet
  • gives advice and assistance when needed

Is Fostering for You?

Being a foster parent entails taking a homeless animal into your home and providing him/her with food, water, appropriate exercise, basic training, proper handling and love. There is no greater satisfaction or rewarding experence than to watch a rescue pet bloom into a wonderful pet due to your on generosity and personal commitment to save his or her life.

Is Fostering for You?

  • Do you enjoy helping save a homeless animals?
  • Do you have lots of time to dedicate to rehabilitating an animal?
  • Do you have a lot of love to offer?
  • Do you haveexperience with animals and would like to share your wisdom?
  • Would your current pet benefit from having a companion
  • Would you like to help promote and spread the word for Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue?

If you answered yes to the above questions then fostering could be for you!