Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue
Registered Charity Number: 1169136

If you are visiting our website, you will undoubtedly be a dog lover. That means you appreciate all they bring to our lives – the love, the loyalty and the companionship, through both good and bad times.

For the Hungary Hearts team, dogs are a way of life, an essential part of being and a huge part of our own stories and families. We don’t act without thinking of our dogs and doing the best for them – whether they be our own personal dogs or dogs in our care. We believe every little life is important and that they all deserve love and happiness.

We started in 2012 by rescuing only a few dogs but, thank God, our charity has grown and grown each year. Today we rescue around 30-40 dogs each month and we are constantly working hard to find them loving homes with happiness. We struggle when damaged dogs, old dogs or dogs with health or behavioural issues are unwanted. Our hearts really break for them, so our dream is to be able to provide that same love to all the dogs we encounter who are in need. Dogs of all ages, all sizes and all conditions. To do this, we want to find a property where we can house all the unwanted, un-homeable and end of life dogs in a comfortable, loving environment, to ensure they live the rest of their lives as happy as we can possibly make them. Fields to run in, warm beds to sleep in, good food to enjoy and us to love them and care for them.

We are forever hopeful that this can be achieved, but with costs increasing every day in all aspects of dog rescue, our dream seems to remain out of reach.

However, if you’d like to, you can help by donating now or remembering us in your Will. Perhaps you’d like to remember a beloved dog now, or would like to leave us a kind, thoughtful gift later. Whichever way you choose to support us in achieving this dream, we promise we will make sure your gift is used for our rescue dogs’ continued happiness. Your kindness will be acknowledged and never forgotten on a memorial wall where all who visit can see it.

If you appreciate the love and friendship dogs have given you during your lifetime, what could be a more perfect way of acknowledging them?

Together we can make a huge difference in this troubled world.